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Organix Crew is a group of individuals who believe in growth, individuality and expressing the art they excel in. They all come from different backgrounds and a variety of different professions.  Our passion is to perform and share our talents with the world through our God given gifts.

Our Mission

To involve and teach communities the history, techniques and understanding of the Hip Hop Culture. Through dance, music, art, and performance with the promotion of growth, self-confidence and teamwork.

Est. 2013

​ The group began with three college dancers who wanted to make a difference in the Hip-Hop community. They developed the group in order to change the view society has on Hip-Hop and to give opportunities and gateways for kids to express their individuality and emotions through performance and dance. Organix Crew is a group dedicated to bringing the arts of Hip Hop to youth and communities World Wide. Organix Crew is a growing opportunity for those who love to perform and express themselves on stage. As we continue to grow every year more and more students join the group with interests in exceling in their art. We grow as a family and learn to accomplish obstacles every year.

The Dance Crew/Support

Customer Reviews


Saw them at last competition down in midwest they are a crew that is real down to earth and awesome totally recommend them to anyone looking for performers!!

Robert B

I really admire their professionalism for a Hip Hop Crew. It's hard to find groups that are well directed and perform shows like they do especially for Hip Hop. They are amazing people and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great show

Adriana Q

They came to do a performance for my daughters Quinceañera and it was the best show I have seen! My daughter loved it and all my family and friends kept asking if they came from California!

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